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 Charlebois Council Foundation Fund

In January 2008 the Charlebois Council established a Foundation Fund to provide for a secure investment that would generate annual income for Council projects. The CCF Fund operates under the following management guidelines: 

A. Fund Levels and Allocation

1.   The Foundation Fund will maintain a minimum base fund level
      of $300,000.00.

2. The Foundation Fund will operate with 50% invested in growth
    equities and 50% invested in secure interest bearing options.

3. Funds in excessive of the base fund level may be invested or
    utilized as recommended by the Trustees and agreed upon by a
    majority vote of the members of the Charlebois Council in
    attendance at a regular meeting or at a special meeting called
    for this purpose.

4. Interest earned from the Foundation Fund shall be allocated
    annually to the Revenue section of the Charlebois Council
    operating budget.

5. Funds surplus to the annual operating requirements of Charlebois
   Council may be added to the Foundation Fund by majority motion
   of members in attendance at a regular Council meeting.

B. Fund Management

1. The Fund’s investments will be managed by a committee consisting
    of the Charlebois Council Trustees, the Grand Knight, the Treasurer,
    and the Financial Secretary.

2. The Fund Committee will meet concurrent with regular Trustee
    meetings, but no fewer than three times per year. A report and
    record of the meetings will be available Charlebois Council members.

3. The signing officers for the Fund shall be the same as for the
    Council’s operating account.

C. Fund Allocations

  2011 05 10  A $20,000 commitment was made to the establishment of a Perpetual Care Cemetery Fund for the operation of the Riverside Catholic Cemetery. To date $5000 grants were made in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

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